ArtResin Tips and Tricks

It’s easy to use ArtResin epoxy resin™!

ArtResin is a non-toxic epoxy resin that contains no VOCs or fumes and has been chemically engineered to provide the best possible protection against yellowing on the market.

Try it on your photos, paintings, furniture, woodwork, mixed media, sculptures, glass, mosaics, encaustic paintings, drawings, on jewelry, paper collages, prints, handicrafts, silicone molds… on anything you can imagine! ArtResin epoxy resin can be colored, curved, sawn and drilled.

Here you can find helpful videos on how to use it


First, prepare your workspace and artwork. First, get your tools ready:
– e.g. a few garbage bags
– Stand for your artwork
– Masking tape
– a spirit level
– a measuring cup
– a mixing vessel
– a rod for mixing
– a spatula
– a disposable brush
– a butane gas burner
– ArtResin
– Your artwork, of course
– and a box to cover the artwork.

Make sure your artwork is dry before applying the ArtResin. If you want to work on a canvas, I recommend reinforcing the back with some cardboard so that the ArtResin does not accumulate in the middle of the canvas.

Seal materials such as ink, paper, or the like to prevent leakage or soaking. If you want to apply resin to the sides of your artwork, tape the bottom of the artwork to catch any drops. Place a garbage bag on a flat surface. Place the artwork on the stands provided. Make sure it’s straight.


To determine how much ArtResin you need, use ArtResin’s resin coverage calculator on:

You can heat the resin and hardener in a water bath to reduce the air bubbles when measuring. Make sure that no water gets into the resin or hardener, otherwise it will become cloudy.

After putting on gloves, pour the exact same amount of resin and hardener into a mixing container.

Remember to reseal the bottles with the correct lid. Black belongs to the resin and white to the hardener.


Mix the resin and hardener mixture for at least 3 minutes. Don’t forget to scrape the sides and bottom so that the
whole mixture can catalyze and harden as planned.

Don’t worry if air bubbles form during mixing. We take care of these in the fifth step


Once you’ve mixed the resin and hardener together, you’ll have about 45 minutes to process before the mixture hardens.
The processing time is reduced if the temperature of the mixture is slightly higher than the room temperature.

Now pour and spread the ArtResin as desired. If you want to coat the whole artwork, you should start in the middle.

Use a spatula to spread the mixture. You can also use a disposable brush if you only want to embellish certain parts of the artwork.

You can brush the sides with a disposable brush or your hand, or gently guide the mixture to the outside with the spatula.


After spreading the ArtResin, air bubbles will rise to the surface. You can get rid of them with the help of your butane gas burner. The distance to the surface should be a few centimeters. Furthermore, you should keep the burner in constant motion, as if you were ironing your clothes.

You can easily remove dust particles or hair with a toothpick and then cover the artwork with a box.


Cover the artwork with a box to protect it from dust and let it rest for 24 hours.

After about 24 hours, your artwork will harden and after 72 hours it will be completely dry. In a warm
At room temperature, the curing time may be reduced.


Wipe all utensils with a kitchen towel immediately after use. Spray them with alcohol and wipe them again with a kitchen towel. If necessary, wash your hands immediately with soap and water.

If you have covered the underside of your artwork, you can carefully remove the masking tape after 24 hours.

and your project is ready!

You can find even more inspiration on ArtResin’s Youtube channel

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Happy Creating!