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From bedside table to side table: Terra Clay Artisan Paints & WoodUbend unleash layered textures!

A small project, which was mega fun

Today I’m working on a small bedside table from the 1960s that is in very good condition except for the missing glass top. Super cute with the arched front and the typically flared legs.

The full description can be found below the video and a list of the products used at the end of this blog post.

Of course, there is no project that is started without thorough cleaning with Dixiebelle’s White Lightning.

Since the surface of this small bedside table had a glossy finish, which could not be roughened with sandpaper, I first painted it 2x with Slick Stick, a water-based primer. Allow to dry between layers and leave for 24 hours after the 2nd coat. Then the project is optimally prepared for the subsequent shifts.

The sides get a raised stencil using the Belles & Whistles Tiles stencil and Dixie Mud. I applied it with the mud spatula. After it dried, I smoothed out any imperfections from the application with a Sanding Sponge of about 220 grit.

This time I’m working with Dixiebelle’s Terra Clay Artisan Paints because I’d like to achieve a weathered look and build up texture.

With Malachite and Pistachio, which I mix with Marigold, I create 2 different, somewhat muted shades of green.

The giant brush is the Big Daddy Brush from Belles & Whistles. I dip them half and half first in marigold and the mixed pistachio green and apply it. I do the same with the Malachite. In no time at all, the base is ready.

I first apply London Blue in circular motions with the Best Dang Brush and shade it with Blue Agave while the color is still wet.

After it had dried. I sand it down a little to bring out the colors underneath.

I painted the top with Desert Tan and blended it with Marigold towards the edges.

Since I want to work with a transfer on the top, I first seal it with Terra Seal, a flat top coat. Looks streaky for now. The Terra colors dry brighter than they are when wet. The moment they are moistened again with the top coat, the color intensifies again. When it dries, the result will be uniform.

This light/dark effect can also be seen very clearly on the 2nd application of London Blue on the front.

For a bit of patina effect, I dip Marigold from the edges into the damp London Blue and work in Desert Tan with the same technique.

On the sides, a little of the mixed green tones and marigold again come into play with the drybrush technique.

You can see very nicely how the structure was built with the Terra’s. The paints are not self-leveling and therefore you can create this effect just with the brush.

Before applying the transfer, I seal the top a 2nd time with Terra Seal. By the way, at the end, the entire bedside table is also sealed with Terra Seal.

I can’t do it without bling-bling. The feet are pimped with Moonshine Metallic in Steel Magnolia. 2 coats give me the desired coverage.

The nice thing about such a handy piece of furniture is that you can easily turn it upside down and thus get to your legs comfortably.

The transfer I chose for this project is called Embroidered Lotus and is from Belles & Whistles.

After I’ve decided which parts of it I want to use, I cut it ready to size.

I actually measured the middle. With the transfer stick, which is included with the transfer, I now transfer the design to the top. The transfers are wafer-thin and merge completely with the surface at the end. Looks like hand-painted and no one would think it’s actually an adhesive film.

In particular, I massage the edges with the finishing pad at the end to make sure that every part of the transfer is well attached to the surface. To protect the design and give the top a robust surface, I seal with terra tuff at the end. This top coat dries slightly shiny and intensifies the colors wonderfully.

I like to use the original handles. Before I decide to paint it or not, I sand with a very fine sanding sponge to see if there is anything more beautiful under the original color. It doesn’t always work, but I’ve experienced great effects this way. Not this time, that’s why they’ll be like the feet painted in Steel Magnolia.

Since they are made of metal, they also get a primer with a slick stick. Since they are quite simple on their own, I take the keyholes 998 from WoodUbend to give a nice background. These are also painted with Steel Magnoila.

When heated, WoodUbends become flexible and can be easily adapted to any surface. Since I don’t want to contaminate the project itself with Steel Magnoila, I painted the WoodUbends beforehand. They are applied with a good quality wood glue. My favorite is the Quick & Thick from Titebond.

Last but not least, the wood on the back is nourished with Big Mama’s Butta. You can see the before/after effect very clearly.

I spruced up the interior with a decoupage from Grace on Design.

Some black wax to add a little grunge and voilà. Our small, weathered styled cabinet is ready. Do you like it?

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Then feel free to send me a message.

For today, I would like to say thank you for reading and goodbye until the next blog post

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Products used:

Not all of my favorite products I carry myself in the shop. Nevertheless, I don’t want to withhold them from you and I’m happy about every cent in my coffee box so that I can continue to compile informative articles for you.

The links marked with an asterisk (*) are so-called affiliate links. If you click on such an affiliate link and buy via this link, I get a commission from the online shop or provider in question. But your price does not change!

Furniture triangular castors*

Furniture rolling board*

Baby wipes*

Festool ROTEX RO 90 DX FEQ-Plus geared random orbital sander

Festool 497481 Interface Pad IP-STF-D90/6

Festool CTL SYS mobile dust extractor – 575279

Cordless circular saw Bosch*

Cordless stapler*

Makita cordless pin stapler*

Colour stirrer*

Hot air gun Steinel HL 1920 E*

Table grill/warming plate

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