Elfen & Helden Lichtobjekt Gießkanne

Light object from watering cans

Summertime is garden time. This light object looks super cute and of course does just as well in the window or conservatory. The idea was born with me, because I can’t throw anything away. Not even my simple watering can, which was torn on the balcony after 20 years of wind and weather and was therefore no longer suitable as a water carrier. You can imitate it with any jug of your choice. Whether zinc, metal, ceramics or plastic. In the design itself, as always, everything is right the main thing is that it pleases and beauty is known to be in the eye of the beholder 😉

  1. Thoroughly clean the watering can
  2. Apply Slick Stick according to product instructions
  3. Provide the watering can with the desired color and let it dry. If necessary, 2 shifts are necessary. For outdoor I choose the Silk colors today, because water, dirt and grease repellent.
  4. If necessary, cut out the desired motif parts of the transfer and rub them up with the supplied stick. Do not touch the back of the motif, otherwise the foil will stick to your fingers. When rubbing, the motif detaches from the carrier film and adheres to the surface.
  5. Seal with a clear coat. If the object comes into the garden I would recommend Gator Hide . Possibly even with UV protection to protect the subject from the bleaching effect of solar radiation.
  6. Wrap the handle with the coconut rope and fix it with the hot glue gun. Looks nice and provides additional protection for the color on the handle, depending on how the jug is hung (on the branch, with a shepherd’s hook, lantern attachment ….)
  7. Now we thread the light threads through the watering can neck, in such a way that the threads hang out of the neck, are poured out, so to speak. This works wonderfully if you first let a band or rope slide inwards through the neck of the jug from the outside and attach the light bundle to it. Then you can pull it completely outwards. The battery pack can remain inside the jug.
  8. Hang up, switch on and enjoy the ambience

Don’t worry if it doesn’t hit the ground running for the first time … It’s just color 😉 Just brush over it again. In the end, it is hand-painted and designed. Thus a unique and special ❤️

Have fun crafting



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