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Old garden table: magical transformation with decoupage, chalkmineralpaints and resin

Today’s project is a rather outdated large garden table with a plastic top, which will undergo a truly magical transformation. With the help of Posh Chalk Decoupage paper, chalk mineral paints from Dixiebelle and casting resin from Art Resin, a bright, rich rose bed is created.

The full description can be found below the video and a list of the products used at the end of this article.

First, I cleaned it thoroughly with White Lightning by Dixie Belle. It always stood outside and had put on a lot of patina. The metal base itself was still in very good condition. But the record is anything but attractive.

For better adhesion of the subsequent layers, it was also primed with an adhesive primer. I use a new product from Dixie Belle, the Bonding BOSS in white. An all-in-one primer, b primer and adhesive primer in one.

The base color for my crackles is the chalk mineral paint from Dixiebelle Midnight Sky. Since it’s only for the crackles, one layer is enough for me. Normally I’m a brush aunt and work everything with a brush, but for this area I took the roller for once. I let the paint dry well.

Now comes the Crackle Medium from Dixiebelle. You see, I’m not squeamish about it at all. Simply tilted over it and spread it with the roller, as the table is relatively large.

For the next layer I also use the color Drop Cloth from Dixiebelle. Since I’m going to work with decoupage, I chose a white so that the colors of the paper appear brighter afterwards. Here I avoid reworking the color, so that the cracks – which occur very quickly – are not added with paint again.

Dilution with the water is usually not necessary if a complete coverage with the paint is desired. Since I work on a large area, I chose this technique because it allows the paint to be distributed faster. I also use a large brush, the Big Daddy Brush by Belles & Whistles.

The decoupage paper is the Basket of Roses by Posh Chalk. For this project I need 2 sheets in DIN A1 size.

I wet the edges with water and then pluck away the edges. This way, the transitions are less bulky later. I cut the overhang with a sharp knife.

As a decoupage glue I use the Posh Chalk Infusor. You can also use it to dissolve the pigments or to attach decoupage paper and also for sealing.

When I work with large-scale decoupage, I first throw the anchor, so to speak, and fix one end with the medium. This keeps the paper in place and prevents it from slipping.

Then I work my way forward bit by bit so that I have enough time to massage out the wrinkles and blisters. For this I simply use a crumpled piece of cling film, which I formed into a ball.

The edge of the table gets a small highlight. For this I use the Trim TR716 from WoodUbend. This has a length of 2.15.

I cut the ends so that I can join them together and you can’t see these transition points anymore.

This time, the waterproof wood glue from Titebond is used for application. Here, too, I work my way forward in sections for easier controllability. Heat the trim, apply wood glue to the project, apply the trim and press it down. Until everything is attached and the trim has nestled to the curves of the edge. Finally, I sanded the edges of the trim a bit so that they fit nicely and evenly into the project.

Now the fun part begins. Since the decoupage paper does not cover the entire surface of the table, the edges are now incorporated. For this I chose the chalk mineral colors Putty, Coffee Bean and Chocolate from Dixie Belle. A little tip, seal the decoupage before working on it with paint. Then you can take it back more easily if you don’t like a spot so much. I worked with the Stippel technique to achieve a homogeneous color transition. Since more layers will follow, I have also fixed this layer for the time being.

After drying, I will work with the Dainty Trellies stencil from Posh Chalk and will also use the pigments Red Magenta, Byzantine Gold and Diamond Gold from Posh Chalk. These are mixed with the Posh Chalk Infuser.

When stenciling, I process all 3 colors and will let them run into each other. Since I only want to apply the stencil around the roses, I lift the stencil in between to see how far I can go. To prevent it from slipping, I fix it with my other hand.

For the trim I choose the Metallic Paste in Dark Green to match the foot of the table from Posh Chalk. I dilute this with a little water so that it is less pasty for spreading. After drying, the whole thing is emphasized with the remaining mixtures of pigments using the drybrush technique.

It is actually the first time for me that I work with casting resin. And then such a large area … that’s what I thought in retrospect. But you know, I don’t like to make it easy for myself. I use the ArtResin. It is a bit more expensive, but it contains no solvents and is odorless, so it can be processed without a mask. However, gloves should always be worn. Also very important, it does not yellow from the sun and remains crystal clear.

First, I leveled out the table with the help of a spirit level. Then mix the casting resin according to the instructions and distribute it evenly on the table. I eliminate bubbles with a small gas burner. After one day, the resin is dried and completely hardened after 3 days.

And the project is ready. What do you think of the result?


More pictures below after the list of products 👇 used

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Then feel free to write me in the comments or write me a message.

For today I say thank you for reading and goodbye until the next blog post

Your Master of Disaster


Products used:

Dixie Belle White Lightning
Dixie Belle Bonding Boss White
Dixie Belle Crackle

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint:
Midnight Sky
Drop Cloth
Coffee Bean

Posh Chalk Deluxe Decoupage Paper Basket of Roses A1
Posh Chalk Infuser
Wood glue Titebond
WoodUbend Trim TR716

Posh Chalk Pigments:
Red Magenta
Byzantine Gold
Diamond Gold

Posh Chalk Smooth Metallic Paste Dark Green

Art Resin Casting Resin

Posh Chalk Stencil Dainty Trellis

Brush Dixie Belle French Tip

Pinsel Posh Chalk Large Blending Brush

Posh Chalk Premium Stencil Brush

Not all of my favorite products I carry myself in the shop. Nevertheless, I do not want to withhold them from you and am happy about every cent in my coffee till, so that I can continue to compile informative contributions for you.

The links marked with an asterisk (*) are so-called affiliate links. If you click on such an affiliate link and buy via this link, I get a commission from the online shop or provider in question. But your price does not change!




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