Artresin epoxy resin clearcoat 2x 473 ml

Artresin epoxy resin clearcoat 2x 473 ml

Contains: 473 ml resin + 473 ml hardener + instructions

  • Easy-to-use mixing ratio of 1:1; covers approx. 0.74 m².
  • UV and neck stabilized for unparalleled yellowing protection.
  • Nontoxic. Safe for home use, note that the work area must be well ventilated.
  • Contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC), no bisphenol A (BPA). No fumes. Non-flammable. Certified food safe.
  • The surface becomes high-gloss, self-leveling. Specially developed for handicrafts.
  • Made in the USA.



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High-gloss epoxy clearcoat from ArtResin® that highlights and protects your project at the same time.

You’ve probably seen it before: this thick, shiny top layer that graces the surface of artwork, photos, wood and resin crafts projects for this gorgeous modern look. You can get this look yourself and it’s easy.

ArtResin® is certified as non-toxic (when used as prescribed) and is therefore not harmful to health like other resins. No VOCs. No fumes. No solvents. No respirator required. Non-flammable. Not hazardous to health. Complies with ASTM D4236 (Safe for Domestic Use).

ArtResin® has been chemically developed to provide effective protection against yellowing. Its advanced stabilizing additives provide superior transparency and prevent yellowing in the long term.

Designed for a great look and high resistance and durability.

  • Clear
  • Shiny
  • Radiant
  • Dense
  • Robust
  • Hard
  • Professional

ArtResin® increases the appeal and value of everything you work with it!

ArtResin® is self-leveling and its 1:1 mixing ratio is user-friendly.

Contains: 473 ml resin + 473 ml hardener + instructions

Instructions for use:

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