Bedside table/minibar Elves & Heroes “Lotus Embroidery” hand-painted

Bedside table/minibar Elves & Heroes “Lotus Embroidery” hand-painted

Side Table Set Elves & Heroes “Bohemian Wedding” hand-painted

Exceptional set of 2 side tables. This set is made of solid oak and sturdily finished. The smaller table has a drawer and can be pushed into the larger table itself, so that they form a unit.

Chewinggum pink meets black and silver. An absolute statement piece. Inspired by the many strong women (and men) who have taken up, won or unfortunately lost the fight against breast cancer. Where there is darkness, there is light, colour and shine again!


Bedside table/minibar Elves & Heroes “Lotus Embroidery” hand-painted

Whether as a bedside table, side table or minibar, this cabinet is an absolute eye-catcher. 3D look on the sides, a lot of texture on the front and a rustic surface with a beautiful lotus flower motif.

As with all projects of Elves & Heroes, you will discover more and more details the longer you look at the project. Petrol and natural tones merge here to form a harmonious ensemble.

This is a lovingly refurbished old piece of furniture. Small quirks are part of his life experience. Each one tells its own story and gives this piece of furniture a very special charm. For me, they are part of such a piece of furniture and are artfully incorporated into the finish by me.

Width 57cm
Height 50cm
Depth 37,5cm

Delivery without decoration!

Would you like to refurbish your own furniture in this style yourself or have it designed by me? Feel free to contact me:

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