What are WoodUbends and how are they used? ⚜️

Did you know how easy it is to set a breathtaking highlight for your project with a WoodUbend?

WoodUbends is available in an incredible number of designs, small, large, as ornaments, flourishes, strips for chests of drawers or table surrounds even for the industrial style there are elements.

The base is made of wood dust. Therefore, they generally have all the properties of wood. They can be drilled, sawn and sanded. The special feature, however, is that, when heated, they become flexible like rubber and can therefore even be cut to size if necessary and fit into almost any shape. After cooling, they remain in this position. Unlike air-drying clay, they do not shrink and do not form cracks. The details cannot be damaged during editing by pressing. In the end, it actually looks as if this ornament was already attached during the production of the furniture or project.

The complete description can be found below the video and a list of my favorite products at the end of this post.

To warm up you need a normal hair dryer, a hot air dryer or on a heating plate. They are attached with a good wood glue, it does not matter whether you want to attach them to wood, metal, glass, plastic or whatever.

They take about as long to cool and harden as they do to heat. Depending on the size and thickness of the WoodUbend, it takes anywhere from less than 30 seconds to over a minute.

You can also continue working immediately with the next steps such as swipe, the details will not be changed or damaged. The WoodUbends can be painted before or after you have attached them. You decide what your project needs. For painting you can use colors of all kinds. Chalk paints, chalk mineral paints, clay paints, acrylic paints, oil paints, even stains go, because the WoodUbends have all the properties of wood.

This is how easy it is to attach WoodUbends to your project:

1. Heat the WoodUbend until it becomes flexible

2. Paint the backs evenly with wood glue

3. Place the WoodUbend in the desired location

4. If it has cooled down and become stiff again in the meantime, heat it again

5. Now press the edges well against the surface. If you adjust it to a certain shape, hold it in this position until it has cooled down.

6. If necessary, remove glue on the sides with a damp cloth or damp brush

7. Done

Products used:

Not all of my favorite products I carry myself in the shop. Nevertheless, I do not want to withhold them from you and am happy about every cent in my coffee till, so that I can continue to compile informative contributions for you.

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